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How can you be there? How can you be there and not really be there?

You're there. I see you, sitting there in all your glory, well maybe in all your reality because I never saw any glory ever in my own life, in you or anybody else. But you sit there, in your whatever it is, and you're not there. Physically, yes. But that has never been enough. Just as a soul cannot go anywhere without its body, a body is nothing without the soul that holds it up.

You're there but you're not really there. I see you but I don't see the you that I know, that I love. You're there, but you're not really there for me. You're there for the approval of others, the admiration of others, the respect of others, but not for me.

Selfish, yeah maybe it is. Screwed up, yeah maybe I am. Maybe I'm a lot of things. But all of those things, those are how you feel and feelings are not rational so you cannot apologize for them.

So when I say leave because I'm not getting what I need, leave because your presence upsets me more than helps me, I'm not going to apologize for it. We're just two people on two trains, heading in different directions. We had different starting points so we passed each other. But that passing was moments ago and now we're looking back. It's slowly getting harder to see you and the ache that comes from craining my neck to do so is starting to gnaw at me. I'm reading to accept where my train is going and where your's isn't. So you're not here anymore and that's my choice.

Simple as that. Two trains. Two people. Two ends.

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