lonewytch (lonewytch) wrote in freeformwriters,

Original fic: The Girl From the Forest, the Boy From the Sea

Title: The Girl From the Forest, the Boy From the Sea
Author[personal profile] lonewytch 
Wordcount: 2844
Rating: G
Genre: Fairy Story/Myth
A/N: This is the first piece of non fanfic fic i  have ever posted. It's pretty scary doing it, i have to say, and i'm a bit frightened especially as this story is deeply personal. It's essentially a fairy story, written in what i hope is a mythic style. Feedback is appreciated.

Summary: Once, in this older world of not very long ago, lived a girl. She was a girl who was made both of fire and of the earth, and she lived in a little house of rock, wood and moss at the centre of a forest by the sea.
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