Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! (kinky_carter) wrote in freeformwriters,
Root and Shaw....and then they done sex!

To A Heart

What if after this life...?
You'd fall so in love with me?
When our eyes meet in time
Emerald pools deplete into my ocean blue
And the vintage record begins to skip
As we begin this dance again
I must confess
Hoping you who is so far away will notice me
I look up to the throne upon which you sit
So very high above me
Like Luna in the sky
You with your crown
Winds blow
My breathe escapes me
And I hear leaves rolling across like marching feet
A momentary distraction
An outstretched hand as if only to kiss
Where all my eviscerated feelings wish to reach you
Longingly, my absinthe fairy
With how love screams from my lungs and rains down like marbles falling from the skies
Of every color and every design
All around you
Where I will envelope you, consume you, devour you, and inspire you
I'd wish to kiss the orchid in which you withhold
And show you all wonders of love in this vast world
Caressing you in weeping kisses to carry you over the edge
So fade away with me into another time and another place
We will meet again my little lamb
You and that fleece of yours
Until then, sing me a song
Sing me to sleep
Where I can hope to dream of you and me.

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hi - a 're-mix'

After hope leaves sex, blood rituals in the name of our Lord, reach for a wind that won't blow me. Maybe something like a fairy whose out of date marbles stretch my libido past the time can abuse my crown. And yet, getting high, meeting time's dance above skies that fall short of Original Sin's promises isn't the breath of life. It's more like Eden's lover's screaming in song, while their dreams fade away, grateful to be dead, and asleep forever. Like love, it shows us off in words that have escaped God's punishments.