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To Steph

Originally posted by no1spoet at To Steph

I am super drunk and I wish you were here in person to keep me in line.

You are ghost, the ghost of me, the ghost of me past and present and future.

I like to think you know all these things because you knew how to kiss me.

When I die this should be my obituary.

Someone who never really knew me, because that's the way someone could ever hope to know me....

"I will lie awake,

lie for fun and fake the way I hold you,

Let you fall for every empty word I say."

Thats my legacy, really....

I wish I was more, but I'm not.

All the love was true, minus the intention.

Am I emo after all?

I told the man I love to stay away, in a very convincing manner.

Someday I will print this all, and it will be like the time I told you to promise not to read the journals I'd left in your care: Like it's all BULLSHIT. Just like the rest of it.

Through school and friends and drugs and drink and family and friends and family and fuck it all...

Are we still here?

Is this our poem?

Will we really be knitting and crocheting at the end of our days?

Because I'm already crocheting, I've been doing it for years.

I'm ready, I've been ready...

One day, when they're all dead and gone it will still be you.

Once all the walls and people and ties and promises are gone...

We'll just shit and fart and knit and giggle like crazy people...

And we'll be happy and no one will even know.

Love you forever, bitch.

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